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under the skin / not chocolate cake

What: a non-mortal in ScarJo-clothing preys upon men in dreary Scotland, effectively depicting the plight of being a woman in a cruel, cold world. The female: an alien being, terrifying & sympathetic.

How: beguiling images. coldness blasted through a modicum of words.

Etc: techno glitches and swampy interiors. a black abyss and dilapidated houses.

Eat: cherry [tomatoes] blistered and charred. squid ink pasta| hijiki | oyster mushrooms

sorbet, vanilla | cherries, macerated | pour over a shot of birch liquor

Extra: onyx stoneware; glitter.

The easy way out: a slice of chocolate cake. In the movies, the ultimate test for non-flesh-and-blood beings: keep the food down and prove you're a real girl. (She doesn't.)

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